Adrian composes contemporary classical music. Over the past few years he has written several pieces for symphony orchestra as well as number of smaller instrumental works. He has also recently been composing electroacoustic and acousmatic music.

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His music has been described as effervescent, striking and thought provoking. Some have commented that individual pieces are static, repetitive and segmented. This reflects the wide range of opinions on contemporary classical music but shows that whether liked or disliked Adrian’s music is never considered boring.

Adrian has a wide range of experience in contemporary musical composition. He trained at King’s College London with Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Silvina Milstein and Robert Keeley and subsequently after receiving advice from several London based composers moved to Cardiff University to study with Professor Anthony Powers.

Adrian also composes commercial music in a variety of genres, producing music that responds to specific briefs including for short films and television.

A selection of his contemporary classical music is published by Arcomis Publishing. Please contact Arcomis (Arts Commissioning) Ltd if you have any questions about commissioning music from Adrian.

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